Thursday, November 20, 2008

Food Fun -- Foodie Trivia Quizzes!

Are you truly a foodie? Test your knowledge or learn some fascinating food and wine trivia while having some fun. Pick a topic and take a quiz. Each fun little quiz has 10 questions and takes just minutes. So see how much you really know about the foods you love. And who knows, you might learn something you can use if you’re ever on a TV quiz show!
  • Talking Turkey -- Thanksgiving is just around the corner, see how much you know about America's favorite bird.

  • The Wonderful World of Fruit -- Fruity trivia questions to make you King or Queen of the produce department.

  • Favorite Brand Name Foods -- Test how well you know your favorite brand name foods and know the story behind the products on your supermarket shelves.

  • This Spud's for You -- Test your potato knowledge.

  • Java Junkies -- How much do you really know about coffee? Find out here.

  • Eat Your Veggies -- Test your veggie knowledge and impress your friends with all you know.

  • Ethnic Foods -- Are you a global eater? Find out by answering these questions and testing your knowledge of ethnic foods.

  • Sweet Tooth -- Test your knowledge of sweets and desserts.

  • No Wine-ing About This Quiz -- Test your knowledge of wine and impress all your buddies at your next tasting.

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