Monday, October 27, 2008

Fabulous New Products We Love

As the editor of a food and cooking website and an author working on a cookbook, I am constantly trying new kitchen gadgets, products, and foods. Some I happen across in my travels and shopping expeditions. Others are sent to our offices by manufacturers hoping to get a mention.

Most of these products are adequate -- they do what they need to do. Still others are nothing to write home about (the $8.00 brine mix that wasn't even enough for a small turkey comes immediately to mind). Others are truly worthwhile. It is that last rare category that is featured here.

It's been a while since we've brought readers up to date with some our latest product and food finds -- the items the folks at really use in our own kitchens, whether we're cooking for business or pleasure. Here are some our favorite recent finds:

Escali Digital Scale (pictured above) -- Cooking, and especially baking, experts agree, the best way to accurately measure is by volume. The Escali Digital scale makes volume measurements effortless. We love the ease of use (even for the electronically challenged). A push of a button subtracts the container's weight to obtain the weight of its contents, and the stainless steel removable top makes clean-up fast and easy. In addition, the scale has five units of measure: cups, tablespoons, ounces, pounds+ounces or grams; measures volume in cups and tablespoons for a wide range of ingredients from 17 types of flour to eggs, corn syrup etc.; and comes preprogrammed for precise volume measurements of more than 150 ingredients. Click here for more information or to order through

Dremel Rotary Tool Pumpkin Carving Kit -- Take your pumpkin up to a whole new lever with the Dremel pumpkin carving kit. This small battery operated rotary tool carves off layers of pumpkin flesh to let the light glow through (unlike traditional pumpkin carving that cuts all the way through the pumpkin). You can shave off a little or a lot depending on the effect you want and how intricate you want to go. If you have any artistic ability at all you will love this tool, as it's almost as easy as drawing with a pen once you get used to it. The rest of us can still get great results by using a pattern (several are included with the kit and we have lots of free patterns on this website as well). Powered by four AA batteries, it's got two speeds for superior pumpkin-stock removal, 6,000 and 12,000 rpm, so it's not a child's toy. Click here for more information or to order through

Thermolon Green Pan Nonstick Cookware -- Looking for non-stick cookware but concerned about toxic chemicals leaching into your foods and your body? You’re not alone as many folks are concerned about the effects of nonstick coatings that flake off traditional nonstick cookware. Help is now here in the form of the Green Pan -- the first cookware to have Thermolon nonstick technology. The ceramic based, nano nonstick Green Pan with Thermolon Technology does not contain any PTFE nor is it manufactured with PFOA. It was developed to be the last cookware you'll have to buy and it won't break down or wear over time. The superior 850-degree nonstick release feature is a first! Because nothing will stick, this cookware allows you to cook healthier with no need for added butters, fats or oils. We’ve been using a Green Pan in the test kitchens for a few months now. We have to say it has held up well (and we’re notoriously not careful with cookware). We have had foods stick at lower temperatures, but as long as you take the time to preheat the pan, it functions just as well as traditional nonstick cookware. Click here for more information or to order through

Fresh & Fit Lunch Products -- We love the Fit and Fresh line of lunch storage containers. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? Each item has a built in reusable chill pack that keeps food and drink safely chilled until lunchtime. Whether you’re packing lunch to go to school or office, or snacks to have in the car, these products will find use everyday. One of the best ways to lose weight, control portions and calories and generally eat healthier to is to take healthy foods with you in order to avoid eating out so often (you’ll also save money). These handy take along containers that come in a variety of sizes and shapes will eliminate all excuses. Click here for more information or to order through

Air Force Nutrisodas -- We loved, loved, loved the flavors of Air Force Nutrisodas (one house guest became addicted after a weekend of taste testing these healthy drinks, he's been their biggest customer since). These sodas don't just refresh you, they revitalize you. They're delicious, refreshingly carbonated nutrient-enhanced sodas with zero sugar, caffeine, sodium or aspartame. Natural fruit flavors, with meaningful levels of vitamins and minerals, improve wellness with every sip . Different flavors come with different nutritional focuses, but they all taste good, they're good for you. And, they do good, too, with a commitment to social and environmental causes. Learn more about these great beverages at

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