Monday, May 11, 2009

Iced Tea or Seafood Lemons

This simple yet elegant presentation for lemons served with iced tea or seafood dishes not only keeps the seeds out of the tea or off the dish, they smell terrific and add a decorative touch to the table.

I've garnished the lemons in the photo with fresh mint sprigs, to be served with iced tea. If the lemons were accompanying fish or other seafood, you should use an herb that complements the seafood recipe instead. Fresh Basil, rosemary or thyme often work well.

For Each Bundle You Will Need:
1/2 fresh lemon, cut horizontally
4 1/2 " square of cheesecloth
small piece of ribbon or twine
fresh herbs springs (optional)

If you are using fresh mint sprigs for a garnish, tie a mint sprig onto the middle of the small length of ribbon with a slip knot.

Center a horizontally cut lemon slice onto the square of cheesecloth. Gather the end up so the cloth is tightly against the cut surface of the lemon and tie with a piece of ribbon or twine.

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