Friday, February 20, 2009

Battle of the Pizza Crusts

My friend and business partner Mitch Mandell has always been exceptionally proud of his pizza dough, and judging from the volume of email and comments we regularly receive about his recipe, a whole lot of people on the world wide web agree that his is the best pizza dough. I've been eating Mitch's pizza for years and while I will agree it is darn good, it isn't my personal idea of perfect pizza. While Mitch's dough makes a sweet, yeasty, thick crust, my idea of a perfect pizza is somewhere a cross between New York and Italian. In other words a crust with a chewy texture and just enough crispness to keep in from being floppy.

And so, a friendly challenge began with Mitch telling me to let him know when I had come up with the perfect pizza crust.

I worked on it for over a year, making small tweaks and changes, until I came up with this recipe. Even Mitch admitted that I had beat his pizza dough, and that mine is now his favorite pizza crust.

Now we know that different people like different types of pizza.Some will like Mitch's style while others will prefer mine (some might not either, but I seriously doubt their sincerity).

So give these pizza doughs a try and see which one you like better. Please let us know in the comments section either here or on the recipes what you think.

Best of all, using your food processor, you can make these fabulous pizza doughs in under 5 minutes! Making pizza at home is way cheaper than going out or ordering delivery, and with these crusts and your favorite toppings, we're betting you'll like the pizza better too.

Cheri's Favorite Pizza Dough Recipe (pictured top of this post) -- Makes a chewy textured, crisper, thinner crust -- a cross between New York and Italian style.

Mitch's Basic Pizza Dough Recipe (pictured left) -- Makes a thick, slightly sweet, yeasty pizza crust.


Donna-FFW said...

I love the fact that these can be made in under 5 minutes. Im going to try one,, whose yet I dont know. They both look awesomely delicious!!! LOVE the choice of toppings.

Cheri Sicard said...

Well, of course I would recommend you try mine (or both). The toppings can be anything you want them to be. I hope you enjoy the pizza and please let us know your thoughts.

Mitch said...

I have two comments and one correction. This dough is fantastic. It's the perfect pizza dough. However, in the blog Cheri says it took her a year. For the record, Cheri has been trying to beat my dough since we started back in 1997.

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